• How to Make Six-Figures Selling Short Reports

"You're About to Discover How You
Can Rake In A Six-Figure Income
Just From Selling Short Reports"


Dear Frustrated Marketer,

Have you ever wondered why some people are able to make money online so easily while you've been struggling to even make a dime all this while?

If that is you, I urge you to take a good look at what I'm about to offer you.


"How to Make Six-Figures Selling Short Reports"

I'm sure everyone loves instant cash. And this is a 6-part video series on showing how Instant Cash Expert JD Swanson easily makes 6 figures selling short reports and how anyone can do so as well. Steal his instant cash secrets now!

Inside this video series you will discover:

Session #1: The Instant Cash report Creating Method

- Why I love Instant Cash and why you should love it as well
- Everything you do, do it quickly or not at all
- Finding a profitable niche
- Finding 10 Report Ideas for that niche
- Getting your product created quickly
- Getting all the traffic you will ever need
Session #2: Finding a profitable niche market to target

- Taking one niche at a time
- Why search count is not the be all and end all to a hot niche
- Must always be niche forums available
- People must want to spend cash
- People must be making money already
- There must be enough product ideas available to create easily for it to be profitable
Session #3: Coming up with product ideas is as SAP

- The best product ideas have exciting titles and give step by step guidelines
- My favorite ways to find product ideas
- Try and come up with 10 product ideas at least
- The idea is to dominate and automate
Session #4: Getting your products created quickly

- Should you create your products yourself or should you outsource
- Expert or freelance writer, that's the question we should be asking
- Keep it very simple and very short
- The best products give step by step solutions to pressing problems people have
Session #5: Setting up your kick ass sales system

- Automation is the name of the game here
- Simple sales letters only
- Simple autoresponder messages only
- Making money on the backend is where the big money is made here
Session #6: Getting all  the quality traffic you could ever need

- It's not about traffic, it's all about your business model
- Article marketing, article marketing, article marketing
- Niche forums are goldmines
- Viral marketing is still viable
- Wrapping up everything

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How to Make Six-Figures Selling Short Reports

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